Property Management


The First National Walsh & Sullivan Property Management Team is an award-winning team and is currently the best in NSW.

We have been named the NO. 1 AWARD-WINING PROPERTY MANAGEMENT TEAM for four (4) consecutive years now - 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.


When you own an investment property, there are two things you can do - you can either manage the property yourself or you can hire a Property Manager to handle it for you.

Before you make a decision on what would be more suited for you, here are some things you may want to consider:

  • Will you save money by managing it yourself?
  • Are you prepared to deal with tenants and all of the repairs?
  • Are you ready for the responsibility and do you have the time to spare?
  • Do you know what your rights and responsibilities are?
  • Do you know the tenant's rights and responsibilities?
  • How will this affect your tax?

You may have figured out how to handle all of the above and that's great!

HOWEVER, you always have the option of engaging a property management expert to supervise your investment for you and actually save you time and money in the process. With this approach, you not only free yourself from all the hard work but you actually give yourself the freedom to do more of the things that matter to you most - like spending more time with family and friends or going on that much-needed vacation without having to think of anything related to managing your investment.

Our job is to help you in all the stages of marketing and letting, as well as provide you with the ongoing management of your investment hassle-free and all conducted in a professional manner you can only get when you deal with qualified and professionally-trained Property Managers like us.

Should you decide that using a Property Manager to look after your property is right for you, then look no further. First National Walsh & Sullivan Property Managers will gladly do it for you.

To contact our Property Management Team, please call 9639 2000 (Baulkham Hills) 

For more information about First National Property Management, download this brochure.