Information for Landlords

What is a property condition report?

The ingoing inspection report

Prior to your tenant moving into the property a comprehensive inspection of the property is made to record that everything inside and out is clean, undamaged and working or, if not, to keep a record of the condition at the commencement of the tenancy. The purpose of the report is to outline the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy and is used when the tenant vacates to ensure that the property is left in the same condition. We often take in excess of 100 digital photos to support this report.

The outgoing inspection report

This is the inspection carried out as soon as possible once the the tenants have vacated and have returned their keys. The Property Condition Report is  used at this inspection with each individual item checked (e.g. every lightfitting, window track, inside an oven etc) to make sure it is in the same condition as when the tenant took possession of the premises.

Tenant Selection

We will not compromise our hard earned reputation of providing clients with the most suitable applications for their property. "It is better to leave a property vacant than to enter into a Tenancy Agreement with a Tenant who does not meet our stringent criteria of suitability"

Prospective tenants are required to complete a detailed application form and provide references so that we can contact any current or previous agents they may have rented from; provide details and proof of current employment; names of any personal referees and/or relatives.

Our staff with more than 60 years combined experience have the ability to sense an application that is less than acceptable.